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Nickel-chromium Alloy Wire And Copper Wire Which One Suitable For Heating Wire?
Hangzhou Ualloy Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Electric materials must have the following conditions Caixing: 1) because the electric wire long-term operation in high temperature, so its oxidation resistance is better, the melting point is higher; 2) electric wire processing performance is better; 3) electric wire chemical stability Good sex, you can work in a variety of long-term atmosphere; 4) electric wire resistance is high, and the temperature coefficient should be small. The melting point of copper wire is very low, the oxidation resistance after heating is very poor, so copper can not be used as electric material. Commonly used electric materials are: nickel-chromium wire, iron chromium aluminum heating wire, tungsten and molybdenum wire and so on.

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