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Nickel Chrome Wire Technical Parameters
Hangzhou Ualloy Material Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 17, 2018

1, the working principle of electric wire Electric wire works with other metal heating elements are the same, are the phenomenon of electric heating after the metal is energized. Electricity refers to the current through the conductor, the current will produce a certain amount of heat and be passed out by the conductor. Electric wire itself is a metal conductor, which emits heat when energized to provide heat. 2, the type of heating wire heating wire type is based on the heating element of the chemical element content and organizational structure to divide. The types of electric wire iron chromium aluminum alloy electric wire and nickel-chromium alloy electric wire. These two kinds of electric heating wire as electric heating element, have different function characteristics. 3, the main use of electric wire metallurgy machinery, medical, chemical, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, glass and other industrial heating equipment and civilian heating appliances. 4, the advantages and disadvantages of iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wire Fe-Cr-Al alloy heating wire has the advantage of high operating temperature, experimental results show that the maximum operating temperature of Fe-Cr-Al alloy heating wire can be 1400 ℃. Iron chrome aluminum heating wire long life, high resistivity, high surface composite, and better oxidation resistance. The disadvantage of iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wire is the lower strength under high temperature environment, the plasticity of the iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wire will increase as the temperature increases, that is to say the iron-chromium aluminum alloy heating wire is easily deformed at high temperature, And not easy to repair after deformation. 5. The advantages and disadvantages of nickel-chromium alloy heating wire Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire has the advantage of high strength in high temperature environment, long-term high temperature operation is not easy to deformation, not easy to change the structure, and nickel-chromium alloy heating wire at room temperature plastic good, deformed Repair is simpler. In addition, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire emissivity, non-magnetic, good corrosion resistance, long service life. The disadvantage of nickel-chromium alloy heating wire is that the operating temperature can not reach the level of the previous heating wire. Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire need to use nickel, the price of this metal is higher than the price of iron, chromium, aluminum, nickel-chromium

Gold electric wire manufacturing costs are higher, is not conducive to cost control.

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